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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lake Te-Anau
Second Largest lake in NZ after Lake Taupo.

Life in New Zealand had been so good.
Too good to be real.
Nice people. 
Nice friends.
Breathtaking sceneries. 
Felt so thankful for everything.
Missing NZ so much. =(

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Basically, I got nothing to do this week other than waiting for the solvent of my solid dispersions to evaporate...Life here is just sooo relaxing and routine, lab-lunch-lab-dinner-rest.. haha.. And yea, I got nothing to do now actually and obviously that's why you see me here. lolll..

Haha... Randomly chosed some photos from one of the folders to be uploaded here.. Realised that the photos I had taken so far are wayyyy tooo little..Gonna start taking more pictures from now onwards.. haha...

Dinner on fine Sunday night at little India.

Kien Seng
A batu pahat friend of mine
He is super friendly and helpful
Feels really glad to meet him here!

With cy.

Apparently cy is a gay.

Yummmmy curry.

Chocolate boutique at Parnell Street.

Turtle shape chocolate.


headless turtle... LOL

just couldn't stop laughing at his expression.

Ks die die don't want to look into the same direction as me!!

Tomorrow it's friday again!! and I am sooo looking forward to the coming weekend.. <3 Weekends.

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Monday, August 08, 2011

Third Week here.
Getting used to the cold and windy weather.
Research is under progress.
Love the slow pace of living 
the poeple and friends here. 

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Tuesday, August 02, 2011
So far so good =)

Starting to love the life and people here! 

Song of the day: Carousel by Vanessa Carlton.

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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Day 1 of Semester 7.
Time flies.

Song of the day: Rollacoasta by Robin Thicke. 

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Sunday, July 03, 2011
To you.

She was here last Wednesday

The only picture we took together that day.

My belated birthday present or farewell present? LOL

Don't know if you will read this. Anyway, thank you for the pressie. Sorry that I couldn't make it to your convocation. Here I am, saying congratulations to you in advance. Hope you can get a job real soon in Singapore =p Haha, you are still as talkative as before.. and laugh non stop on every little things. lolll... See you soon on coming Friday! 

Song of the day: Good Life by One Republic. 

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Monday, June 27, 2011
Updates, with loads of food. =P

WARNING! This is a long and super random post filled with pictures of food. Read it or leave it.

Just realize that there is no proper entry blogged for quite some time due to the dull and boring daily routines I did throughout the whole semester break.

One more week to go before new semester begins. I can actually go back to KL on Monday morning since Monday class starts at 4pm (wondering if I had read the timetable correctly). LOL.. Have to move to small room within the same unit that I am currently staying in Vista for some reasons that I am lazy to share. =p So, the super-spontaneous-daddy woke me up in Friday morning telling me that he is bringing me to kl in the afternoon to settle some of his stuff and help me to shift my room.

Journey starts at 4pm in the evening.

Dinner at Mid Valley.
My all time favorite.

Tofu Seafood Soup.
Love the kimchi.
white rice. LOLLL

Shifted my room in the next morning. Had flu that day because of the super dusty rooms. Dragged all my stuff into the new room. Hate moving, it's so damn tiring and energy wasting. =( Prefer my old room still. No choice, I am forced to move.

Say Buhbye to this niceee view.

Lunch time.
Jojo pan mee.

Thank you papa.

Dinner @ Popeye Bakuteh!
Favorite bakuteh stall..
Introduced this stall before in previous post

The story continues.. =p

Meet up with Mr. Tee Boon Chan on Saturday night. He was back in town for the weekend and he had a super longgg to-eat-list and.... I am supposed to eat with him. LOL.. And yea, there is another thing that he wanted to do, to jailbreak his Iphone. hahaha.. His phone was finally jailbreak-ed successfully with the help of Mr Programmer and Mr Law just now. We always suggest that they should just open a jailbreak booth outside Digi or Maxis centre to earn a living. loll..

Niu Niu Hippo at Teabar.

Mr Tee Boon Chan.

Don't ever bring your soft toy along when this guy is around.
Poor thing my hippo.
He almost tore my beloved hippo apart.

Wantanssss I made that night.
Clarinase didn't seemed to work.

The so called,
"An ran xiao hun mian"
It's basically instant noodles with an egg and fish/meatballs  added.
Taking into consideration of my super full and fat tummy, I didn't eat.

Juz Waffle on fine Sunday afternoon.
Waffle with vit B, they claimed.

Went to Minyak Beku after waffle-ing.
Mr Law busy pressing his phone.=p

I guess he is the only one who wore a shirt to seaside.

Two ah bengs throwing stones.

Dinner at Shi Le with Boon Chan, Mr Law and Janvee.

Fried rice cake.
Super love.
We had two plates of this.


My favorite bibimbap.

Beef, mutton, pork, chicken and satay,


Juicy beef.
The satay seller peng-ed the meat for us.

Trying hard not to laugh.

End of the story.Wow, it is 330am now, should get some sleeeep now. Sorry for the abrupt ending.teehee.


p/s: All pictures were taken with phone.

Song of the day: Forever and Always by Parachute. =p

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